Amy Boulden tips: Ball positions for different clubs


The Ladies European Tour star gives you some advice on getting your ball positions correct

Amy Boulden is a professional golfer who competes on the Ladies European Tour.

We invited Amy down to the Shack to give us a few of her tips that will help amateur golfers improve their game. Here she explains to us the ball positions you should be adhering to when using different clubs.

 Shorter clubs- Pitching wedge

For the pitching wedge I’d have the ball middle to slightly back in my stance. That’s how I like to play my pitch shots to get a nice clean strike on the ball.

Mid irons- 7 iron

With this club I have the ball directly in the middle of my stance.

On the range I’ll use an alignment stick so I can clearly see every time I’m practising that the ball is directly in the middle of my feet.

Longer irons- 4 iron

I like to move this slightly further forward, not much just slightly forward of centre. If I have this too far back there isn’t enough loft on the club to help get it in the air.

Fairway woods- 3 wood

For my fairway woods I like to have the ball positioned just inside the left foot, pretty similar to the driver.

The driver

I have the ball directly off my left heel. This is where I see amateurs quite commonly have the ball too far back in their stance.

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