Break 90: The power of focus


Do you constantly worry about where you don't want the ball to go? It's time to change your attitude

How many times do you talk to yourself during a round and mutter the words..’Do not chunk it in that bunker’, or ‘Whatever you do don’t hit it in the water’.

Well that is exactly the thing that Nicky Lawrenson doesn’t want you to be doing. Here she explains why..

What can sometimes happen in these scenarios is that there is a natural tendency to try and focus on where we are trying to avoid.

At the forefront of our minds we are thinking negative thoughts. Whenever we are trying to avoid something we usually end up moving our body away from it.

So if we take our set up with the prominent thought of don’t go in the bunker/water, very often we are going to create a movement that actually has more chance of that happening.

Like I said before when we are focusing on trying to avoid something we will naturally move away from it, so we will lift our bodies which can often result in either catching the ground first or even hitting the top of the ball.

Nicky wants you to focus your attention much more on the target, specifically the landing area you want your shot to pitch into. This positive mind set will help you shift your power of focus away from the bunkers and water and will help you to shoot lower scores.

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