Our Golfstream Vision review took place on the course at Hillsborough in Sheffield.

But as with all of our electric trolley reviews much of the important stuff happens when assembling, charging and getting the trolley to the golf course…

Golfstream Vision review: First impressions

Golfstream vision review

It has been quite a while since Golfstream last brought out a new electric golf trolley and we get the feeling the Vision had been a good few years in the making.

Their previous models such as the Revo and DV8 were very solid and study while perhaps lacking a bit of finesse and style.

The Vision feels much sleeker and lighter and is visually much more appealing.

It comes in six different colour options including an orange, yellow, green or blue trim.Golfstream vision review

Golfstream Vision review: The technology

Golfstream identified two area where they wanted to improve on what was currently available in the electric trolley market.

Golfstream vision review

The visibility of the screen and the ease of the assembly and folding.

The new screen, which is really the story behind the trolley’s name, is more like a kindle rather than an LED.

Golfstream vision review

And Golfstream say this makes it perfectly clear in all weather conditions including bright sunshine.

The Vision also has a the patented one click open/close mechanism with a magnetic strip to keep it locked together when carrying it to and from your car.

Golfstream electric golf trolley

It comes with one of the brand’s popular Caddy Cell lithium batteries which are available as replacements for any other brand of electric trolley too. Battery replacements are a significant part of the Golfstream business.

So how does the trolley perform out on the course? Find out, and get James’s full verdict on the next page…