Second Hand Shorts 20: Topping it off the tee


Our resident pro James Whitaker shows us how to stop topping your tee shots..

It’s time for another episode of ‘Second Hand Shorts’. You can watch some of the other episodes of the series below: 

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Today’s short is all about how to stop topping your tee shots. Our pro, James Whitaker, talks us through the problem from Reunion Resort in Orlando…

This comes down to two things. When you are making the backswing it’s getting too cramped up at the top so the swing is not wide enough.

So the hands, arms and club are too close to your head, as you are making the swing on the way down there’s a lean forwards in the shoulders creating a real steep angle of attack.

To fix this get some real width in the backswing, feel like you’re pushing it away from your head then you can really fire the hips through on the downswing.

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