It sure is an exciting thing to be a golf bettor. Golf, as a sport, has entered in a totally new era in the last few years because of the emergence of first-rate golf players. If truth be told, from the major golf events to the ordinary ones, golf happens to be one of the best sports to bet on all year around.

Basic Betting Options

The most common type of bet that can be placed in golf is which player will win the tournament. The favourite player can be seen on the top of the board in any tournament that he’s playing in. There are some golf tournaments that offer side bets other than just betting on which golfer will win the tournament. The side bets in golf include head-to-head matchups and as well as groups of three. For instance, a bettor who wants to bet that golfer A will outperform golfer B at some tournament can bet golfer A heads-up against golfer B. Regardless of the fact where these two golfers are placed in the overall rankings, this is the type of bet that will cover which golfer finished with a better score in the tournament.

Strategies Involved in Golf Betting

One of the best things about golf that makes it so entertaining and interesting for betting purposes is that you can expect a new star to rise each weekend. It’s true, each week a star is born. The best golfers in a tournament will usually be at the top of the leaderboard and this will give all the bettors a good chance to place a bet. But the interesting thing is that the golfers below the elite tier can also win a tournament if they are lucky to get the right bounces and sink their putts.

The best way to place bets on golf tournaments is to study the field and try to get to know as many golfers as you can. Besides your top picks for a tournament, you can also find some value picks who are expected to upset the turn out of the tournament with huge payoffs. Even if you are placing large bets on your one or two favourite golfers, you are also free to place smaller bets on live 30/1 or 40/1 plays. This would pay you off well even on the small bets that you have placed.

This betting technique is usually very useful in smaller tournaments. Most of the top golfers skip small tournaments, and this provides excellent betting opportunities for the interested golf bettors who have an in-depth knowledge of the field. For more information about golf betting, you can visit Blue Bet.

Find an Appropriate Sportsbook

Most of the sportsbooks tend to offer similar lines and similar favourites in many golf tournaments. But the truth is that every sportsbook is different. Most of the people don’t get this, but the variation between spiking your upset pick at 30/1 in comparison to 40/1 can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

So, make sure you compare the offered lines in the sportsbooks for all the major and minor golf tournaments before finally placing your bets.

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