If you struggle to get any height on your bunker shots then you probably don’t open the face up enough.

A lot of club golfers set up with a pretty square clubface and play it like a chip or pitch.

You might think it’s open but the chances are it won’t be open enough. We want the clubface pointing straight up at address.

Sand and deliver

Amy Boulden

Place some sand on the clubface and check when it falls off in the takeaway. We want the sand to stay on the face to at least halfway back.

Amy Boulden

If you do play this shot with a shut face it will feel quite awkward, most shots are felt with the club in a neutral or strong position but when you twist it open the weight of clubhead is different.

Be sure to open the face and then take your grip.

Full and forward

Now take a full backswing. If you play bunker shots with a short backswing then you need to generate a lot of speed to go through the sand and that is difficult. This method also helps to set the club nice and open at the top.

Amy Boulden

Have the ball forward in your stance and keep your weight constant. You should be a bit on your left side and keep it there.

And practise, practise, practise.

Amy Boulden

Once you start hitting the sand correctly not many fly bunker shots too far, generally you come up short so you can be bold.

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