You have just split the fairway and are eyeing up the chance of a par or even a birdie. Then you thin your iron shot into a bunker or through the green.. There are few more frustrating shots in the game.

Here’s a good drill to get you striking the ball crisper. Place a tee peg an inch behind the ball.

Amy Boulden

Now hit a few shots and see where your club is bottoming out. If you are trying to help the ball in the air (probably the main cause of the thin) then your club will probably catch the top of the tee.

Amy Boulden

We want you hitting down on the ball, with your hands and the shaft of the club ahead of it at impact – and we want to see some sort of divot.

If you hit the majority of your irons on the thin side this should also help.

Amy Boulden

When you start finding the middle of the bat, you will get a much better idea of exactly how far your irons travel and build up some confidence.

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