Question – Why are they so unfriendly

I started playing golf 18 months ago and I’ve really enjoyed learning the game. However, six months ago I joined my local club and sadly I’ve found the ladies’ section to be really unwelcoming.

I’ve done all I can to fit in by learning the local rules of the club, being smiley and friendly to everyone, and putting my name down for all the roll ups and social events, but I still feel like I’m being shunned.

What can I do?

Jane, Hertfordshire


Joining a new golf club can feel like being the new kid at school. It’s a real shame that the ladies haven’t been as welcoming as they should be but that’s on them and their bad attitudes!

I’m sure some of the ladies are very nice but you might not have come across them yet. Consider trying to play at a different time when there is an opportunity to meet a different group of ladies. If after a few months things don’t improve, don’t continue to suffer, just move clubs.

Life is far too short to be spending your precious leisure time with people who don’t appreciate or value your company. I can assure you that there are lots of lovely ladies out there who would love to play with you.

Emma Booth is a PGA Professional at Avington Park and Winchester Golf Academy. To book a lesson, call 07730534551 or Tweet @ladygogolf. Email your question to [email protected]


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