Dear Emma,
I’ve just joined a new golf club and I’m finding it difficult to make friends. I’ve always been very shy and I find it hard to approach people. Any tips on how I can get to know some of the other ladies?
Gill, Birmingham


I don’t envy you! Joining a new golf club as a female is tough and not that dissimilar to being the new girl at school. I’m surprised the ladies’ section didn’t ‘buddy you up’ with another lady to introduce you and get some games organised. Speak to the lady captain to see if that’s a possibility.

Other than that, there is no gentle initiation really, you are just going to have to be brave, jump in at the deep end and turn up for a roll up. As in life you will meet some nice ladies and you will meet some that are not so nice, but that’s all part of the fun!

You only need to meet one or two ladies who you really like and they will help show you what’s what and who is who.

Lastly, remember to smile! Everyone is nervous in new surroundings but smiling will make you far more approachable. This will encourage people to speak to you and give you a helping hand.

Emma Booth is a PGA Professional at Avington Park and Winchester Golf Academy. You can follow her on Twitter: @ladygogolf. 

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