Good driver v good putter?
Dear Emma,
Do good putters win more tournaments than good drivers off the tee?
@Panache36, Via Twitter

Emma: I’m not the brightest at maths but I can confidently say that good putters will triumph more than good drivers. The putting green is where you spend the majority of your time on the course, so if you can develop nerves of steel on the greens you will notice your scores improving. On the average golf course you will probably only ever use your driver 14 to 15 times per round. Your putter on the other hand you are looking to use 30-36 times. So get fitted for the correct putter and get on that practice putting green!

Follow the leader
Dear Emma,
What does golf teach you about leadership?
@golfingindian, Via Twitter

Emma: To be a great leader you must possess self-awareness of your strengths and weaknesses in order to be able to identify the qualities of the people you want to lead. In golf you have to learn to manage a range of emotions from handling nerves and keeping calm when things don’t go your way or you’re excited about things. When you take away the context of golf to the previous sentence you could easily be talking about a day of leading a team in an office environment to a group of soldiers.

A welcoming environment?
Dear Emma,
Can you share some thoughts on what is the most important quality of a golf course to make it lady golfer friendly?
@golfersro, Via Twitter

Emma: My advice would be to forget what’s out on the course for a moment and look at the atmosphere of the club as a whole. The majority of people play golf as a way to relax and socialise. So look into what lessons and club competitions you could run that would incorporate more fun to their visit. With regards to attracting new ladies, the world of golf looks like this strange secret society that you are either in with or not and can be very daunting and intimidating to those who want to get started. So it really begins with the club’s attitude to how they go about attracting new ladies and keeping them there. The club and the pro shop have to work together to ensure they are providing a welcoming environment for them to come and enquire about golf and have a go with no frills or fancy requirements.

Leave work behind at the tee
Dear Emma,
I never play well after work as I’m too stressed after what’s gone on during the day – what can I do?
No name supplied

Emma: You are going to have to learn to separate work from your leisure time. Ask yourself this question; when I’m on the golf course what can I actually do at this moment in time about work? The answer is nothing, you are not at work so are not in the position to do anything other than golf. A golf course is a beautiful environment to be in after work so hold your head up, look around and smell the flowers!

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