Dear Emma,
As we are going into winter have you got any good practice drills or tips that I can do from home?
Sinead, Herts

Emma: In the winter it can seem impossible to keep any sort of practice regime going, however there are lots of things you can do to improve without even leaving the house!

Balance – If you want to improve your consistency and power, work on your balance. Practise standing on one leg with your knee slightly flexed whilst brushing your teeth, washing up or waiting for the kettle to boil.

Stretches – Maintaining flexibility is key to having a free and relaxed swing.

Bree Arthur

Pose for the camera – A common fault I work on with ladies is the failure to reach and maintain a good follow-through position, so practise with an imaginary club swinging all the way over your left shoulder, turning your hips through to face the target. Hold the finish position for at least three seconds.

Putting – everyone knows it’s half the game and yet it is often the neglected area. On any area of fairly smooth carpet put a target down, such as a tee peg or mug, and practise rolling 5-10 foot putts towards it.

Go for a lesson – your local PGA pro will be able to design a training regime specifically for you, enabling you to train at your local range to get ready for the season ahead.

Emma Booth is a PGA Professional at Avington Park and Winchester Golf Academy.

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