Slowly Losing My Patience

Dear Emma,
I play golf twice a week with a regular fourball. We are all of a similar ability and enjoy each other’s company very much. There is, however, one problem – one of my friends is very, very slow. How do we get her to hurry up?
Mavis, Sussex

Emma: It sounds like your friend is completely oblivious to the fact that she is the slow one! So the first step would be to make her aware of her slowness. Get the person closest to her to ask if everything is OK with her generally as she seems a little distracted on the course. If that doesn’t work, organise a course lesson with the pro for your group. Explain the problem to the pro and he/she will make a point of saying how long a pre-shot routine should take and what to do/think about between shots.

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The Magic Pencil

Dear Emma,
I am an active lady member at my local club, I play in all the competitions I can and enjoy it very much. That is until I’m drawn with one certain lady member. She has a case of the ’magic pencils’ and every few holes she knocks the odd shot off here and there. What should we do?
Janice, Cumbria

Emma: Cheating is a strong word but unfortunately that is what is happening. You have the subtle approach, which is to gently remind her of the extra shots she had. Or the firmer approach is to take her to one side and gently talk to her regarding it. You could also purchase a scorekeeper from the pro shop to give to her and say how much easier it will make it for her to keep track.

‘Helpful’ Husband

Dear Emma,
As a retirement present my co-workers bought me six golf lessons. After my first lesson I was hooked and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve been out on the course a few times now, once with friends, which was wonderful and the other times with my husband. Here lies the problem, though. I cannot take a single swing without my husband commenting and telling me what to do. I realise he is trying to be helpful but it puts me off so much that I end up barely hitting the ball. What should I do?
Meryl, Belfast

Emma: You have two options; option one is nod along and say how his tips help and then completely ignore him and do your own thing. If however, you are not comfortable with the first option the second option might be more suitable. When at home and on more neutral territory you need to calmly say that you love playing golf with him but find it difficult when he gives his input. Say that you are learning and expect to hit the odd bad shot and that doesn’t mean you need to start changing things. If that doesn’t work you could always try earplugs!


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Destructive Hole

Dear Emma,
I am a confident 15 handicapper, with ambitions to get to single figures. There is one problem though; I consistently mess up the 15th hole! It’s a par 4 that is tree-lined down the right-hand side. I always end up in there and then the fairway bunker. Any tips?
Charlotte, Hertfordshire

Emma:  At the moment you are in cycle of negativity regarding this hole and that needs to be broken. Here’s my advice – change how you approach the hole. If you normally hit a driver off the tee hit an iron/ rescue or any other club you like, just change the pattern you normally follow. This will refocus your mind and help to take the hold this hole has on you.


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