What are the best spikeless golf shoes 2019? We run down the best new models from FootJoy, Ecco, Adidas, Skechers and more

What are the best spikeless golf shoes 2019? With summer just around the corner I take a look at some of the best options for ladies spikeless shoes and let you know how they performed when I took them out on the course.

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019: FootJoy Pro/SL

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019

I am really pleased FootJoy have added the Pro/SL to the ladies range for 2019 and provided the option of a high performance shoe for ladies which they didn’t necessarily have before. They have done a really great job in the design keeping the main technology from the original Pro S/L’s while still providing a slimmer more feminine shaped shoe. The colour options they have provided are also really nice in the laced and BOA option.

The fit of these shoes is great, my foot feels really secure and stable allowing me to produce a great golf swing. I found the shoe provided great traction on the course in a different scenarios, I would definitely feel comfortable wearing these throughout the year with the level of grip they provide. This is definitely a shoe I would put in play in tournament golf when I want a shoe that’s going to perform and support my swing without me having to worry about it.

SRP: £150/£170 (BOA)

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019: FootJoy Leisure Slip On

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019

I love the design of these shoes with the white detailing and sole really standing out against the navy backdrop. It is a really stylish shoe that looks great on the golf course. I really like the fact this is a slip on shoe, it fits great but just be aware you should probably go up half a size as there isn’t the usual opening behind the laces to help you fit your foot in the shoe.

These shoes are exceptionally lightweight which makes them super comfortable especially when out walking the course for a long time. The foam of the upper is so soft it provides exceptionally cushioning for all day comfort on the fairways. These are so comfortable I would be happy wearing them as a trainer off the golf course. I also found these shoes to have exceptional traction giving the lightweight nature of these shoes, however didn’t have quite as much traction as the Pro S/L’s. These shoes are also waterproof which is excellent in such a lightweight soft summer shoe.

SRP: £80

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019: FootJoy Leisure

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019

The patterning on the side of this shoe makes them really stand out especially with the added splash of colour from the sole and laces. The FootJoy leisure have a great sporty trainer style which could also easily be worn off the golf course.

The upper of this shoe is really soft providing constant comfort and cushioning. The shoe materials are also very breathable which is great when playing in warm weather, they also have the added benefit of being waterproof. These are a great lightweight summer shoe that don’t compromise on grip.

SRP: £80

More information can be found on the FootJoy website.

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019: Ecco Biom Hybrid 3

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019

These shoes provided instant comfort as soon as I took them out on the course. One of the elements that impressed me the most was how the Biom Natural motion technology changed the relationship between the shoe and the ground.

Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 review

Often when wearing golf shoes on slopes it feels like the shoe and terrain are fighting against each other. In the Biom Hybrid 3 I really felt like the shoe moulded to the slopes providing optimal comfort. For a spikes shoe these have excellent traction, so good I would be happy to use across all seasons.

These are exceptional golf shoes and deliver on style, comfort and performance. If you are looking for a premium shoe to wear on and off the course, which is well designed and made with quality materials, these are the shoes for you.

SRP: £190/£200 (BOA)

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019: Ecco S-Lite

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019

Ultimately these shoes are designed for summer golf as a lightweight option to provide comfort and breathability in warm weather. Instantly I could feel the extra flexibility the thinner outsole in this shoe provided. I felt really well connected to the ground and that my foot could follow the contours of the ground more freely.

Ecco S-Lite review

As with all Ecco shoes these shoes provided optimal comfort out on the golf course. I walked 36 holes with them straight after taking them out of the box and they provided great comfort and support all the way round.

I really like the styling of these shoes and would be happy to wear them both on and off the golf course. I think Ecco have offered a great choice of colours in this shoe too.

SRP: £160

More information can be found on the Ecco website.

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019: Adidas Climacool Cage

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019

I love how sporty these are they look really dynamic and like they have been designed for an athlete.

These shoes are so comfortable they feel like slippers. They provide exceptional cushioning under the sole for continuous comfort when out playing but also provide a great base to hit shots from. The materials are lightweight and exceptionally breathable in warm weather.

I would suggest going up half a size in these as they are slightly on the small size compared to other Adidas shoes I have.

SRP: £139.95

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019: Adidas Forgefiber BOA

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019

These shoes are really eye-catching and have a great sporty style. I love the contrasting colours used on these shoes to make them really stand out. The blue detailing around the base of the shoe in the stitching is a really nice extra detail which gives stand out factor.

The shape and structure of this shoe combined with the BOA closure system provides an exceptionally fit which made me feel really stable when hitting shots. This is a really comfortable shoe that provides great support for the foot no matter what terrain you find yourself on. This shoe was a great fit in my normal size.

SRP: £149.95

More information can be found on the Adidas website.

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019: Under Armour Fade

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019

On first impressions these are a very attractive trainer type golf shoe that due to its spikeless design can be worn both on and off the golf course. I really like the sporty feel of this shoe which also look like a high quality performance shoe. Colour wise the blue sunbrella looks fantastic with the silver logo and detailing, complimented by multicoloured lacing.

The shoes feel spacious and comfortable to wear although the sole does feel thicker at the back compared to the front of the shoe. The grip is very good for a spikeless shoe in dry conditions but probably not a shoe to take out on the golf course in the rain!

SRP: £125.00

More information can be found on the Under Armour website.

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019: Skechers Go Golf Eagle Pro

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019

This is an attractive modern shoe in a striking blue/neon pink with funky blue and pink laces. They were really comfortable and light to wear on the golf course thanks to the innovative ‘Goga Max’ insole. A cushioned insole provided additional padding they also provide great grip due to the soft spike system.

Throughout the golf swing I felt really stable in these shoes. I could tell they were designed to bring you closer to the ground, which really helped me improve my stability and balance throughout my golf swing. The grip was excellent too.

All in all an attractive comfortable shoe that helped improve my balance and stability on my golf course.

SRP: £120.00

More information can be found on the Skechers website.

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019: G/Fore Broque Cruiser

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019

G/Fore have provided a striking stand out shoe in this Brogue Cruiser style and I love the choice of rose gold for the toe detailing. This is a really nice formal shoe that looks sleek and sharp and provides something completely different to the trainer style shoe many other brands are offering.

The pattern and detailing of this is really feminine, you tell a lot of craftsmanship has gone into each pair of shoes. The lower shape silhouette may not be for everyone, as some people may prefer more ankle support, but G/Fore offer this in their other full height brogue shoes.

I was initially worried this shoe would rub due to the low silhouette at the back and sides of the shoe. I had no reason to worry, the materials used are exceptionally soft and combine cushioning to make these shoes not only fit well but feel delicate against the foot. The sole of this shoe provided ample amount of traction on the course and when practising on the range.

SRP: £179.00

More information can be found on the G/Fore website.

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019: Puma Ignite NXT Solelace

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019

The Ignite NXT solelace are one of the most diverse spikes shoes on the market, perfect for wearing off the course as well as on it.

Puma have designed the shoes in a clever way that combines classic golfing style with modern day casual demands and the colour ways available all offer a slightly different look.

The style is made even more appealing by the 1-year waterproof guarantee. We are often subjected to summer showers in the UK, so it’s a bonus knowing your feet will stay dry should the heavens open.

In terms of a comfort and stability, these shoes tick the boxes. The comfort from the first wear is brilliant and the many lugs that populate the sole of the shoe work well to help remain stable through the golf swing.

SRP: £110.00

More information can be found on the Puma website.

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019: Duca del Cosma Mimosa Passion Kiss

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019

The first thing you notice about this shoe is that the colouring is really striking. By using one bold colour Duca have created a shoe that stands out without looking gimmicky. I think the use of pink laces really suits the styling of the shoe.

Straight away you can tell these are a premium product by the quality of the leather which creates an extremely soft comfortable shoe and provides great cushioning all around the collar. I also was really impressed with the grip these shoes provided.

SRP: £129.95

More information can be found on the Duca del Cosma website.

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