Teenage sensation Lydia Ko finally has the Major title that we’ve been expecting for almost 18 months.

The Kiwi became the youngest ever women’s Major winner aged just 18 years 4 months and 20 days after a six shot victory at the Evian Championship, France.

Prior to this historic victory, we managed to collar the superstar and find out her ‘Best & Worst’ of being a professional golfer.

Best part of being a professional golfer?

“You get to travel around the world.

“You get to meet different people and go to different countries and see different cultures.”

Worst part of being a professional golfer?

“I don’t get to see my friends often.

“I love going out to the beach and going shopping and going to the mall – but New Zealand’s quite far away from the US – so I think that’s the worst part.”

What’s your best shot?

“I’m hoping it’s all 14 clubs!

“It does depend – but I’ve always been confident with an iron in my hand.”

What’s your worst shot?

“My putting can be a little streaky.

“I’ve been working on getting a little more consistent.”

Favourite playing partner?

“Just anyone I have fun with.

“I love playing with Jessica Korda, we have so much fun.

“It doesn’t matter if we’er playing well or not!”

Worst playing partner?

“I don’t mind.

“I think everybody has a different routine so it’s hard to choose a worst!”

Best hair on Tour?

“I love Danielle Kang’s hair.

“Her hair is currently pink right now.

“I just love any type of hair she has.”

Worst hair on Tour?


“I’ve being dying it for a long time so it’s not in a really good condition!”

Best person to be with on a night out with?

“Danielle [Kang].

“I have so much fun with her, she’s like my second sister!”

Worst person to be with on a night out?

“I haven’t really gone out with a lot of the girls, so I wouldn’t be able to choose!”

Funniest on Tour?

“Tiffiany Joh.

“She wears onesies and all her words end up being pretty funny.”

Least funny on Tour?

“I always tell my caddie that he has pretty bad jokes.

“They’re kind of old man’s jokes!”

Worst diva?

“I dunno if we have a diva on Tour…

Best style?

“Paula [Creamer].

“She’s a fashionista on the course and off the course.

“Whatever she wears, she looks good.”

Worst style?

“I could go with me too.

“I normally don’t like getting all dressy – wearing dresses and all that.

“I just try and wear something that’s comfortable!”

Worst rule in golf?

“I think when you ground the putter behind the ball and then the ball moves it’s a one-shot penalty.

“To me it’s not one of my favourite rules because I’ve been penalised a couple of times for it!

“Who intends to hit it one millimetre?!”

Worst career performance?

“I shanked my 7-iron at the US Open.

“I wish I could erase them.”

Best career performance?

“I think the Swinging Skirts – both times.”

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