Best thing about being a professional golfer?

I like making my own schedule and being my own boss (although my caddy Sophie Gustafson might argue with the boss bit).

And the worst?

The heartache of putting your all into something that doesn’t always give back. On a lighter note, sometimes it’s a struggle to find a laundry and I hate washing my clothes in the bath!

Best shot in your game?

I think they are all pretty good – that’s the right answer isn’t it?

And the worst?

High draw with a 2-iron is a tough shot for me.

Best shot you’ve played under pressure?

The 3-wood I hit at the 17th at The Buckinghamshire during the fi nal round of the European Masters. I have a history with that hole. In 2012 I laid up and it backfi red and it cost me.

And the worst?

On the same hole in 2012! My wedge ended up plugging in the face of a bunker which led me to make triple and lose by one.

Best type of playing partner?

Ideally chatty but as long as a player is quick I’m happy.


Slow players with bad etiquette

Beth Allen - Hair

Best hair?

Holly Clyburn has some purple in her hair which I think is cool.

Worst hair?

Probably me. Sometimes I forget to brush when I have an early tee time.

Best person for a night out?

Me again as I’m still one of those rare gems who enjoys a drink on tour.

Best jokes?

I tend to laugh the most with Flic Johnson.

Worst jokes?

Usually the caddies!

Beth Allen - Dress

Best dress sense?

Amy Boulden.

Worst dress sense?

Probably me 10 years ago. Some of those pictures are pretty cringe worthy!

Worst rule in golf?

I wish we could take relief from divots.

Best feeling you’ve had on a golf course?

Tapping in on the last hole at Bucks, I really put my heart and soul into that round.

Worst feeling? 

Every time I miss a putt inside two feet I want to scream at the top of my lungs.

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