Our star interview this month is with Yani Tseng. As recently as two years agao, Yani was the World No. 1 after winning five Majors by the age of 22. She is currently ranked 90th in the world.

The old saying goes that form is temporary but class is permanent. The problem for Tseng has been the first part of that saying.

When golf is good it’s very good and you wonder how it could ever go the other way. Golf is a game of many variables and encourages a lot of thinking time. Once there is a gremlin in the system, it is hard to get rid of. It would be inconceivable six months ago that Tiger Woods could hit as many poor chips as he has lately but it happens.

When golf is good it’s very good and you wonder how it could ever go the other way. For the club golfer the hope is that we can keep it together from week to week. For the tour pro a small part of this happens on a daily basis. Even Seve Ballesteros would admit that he would play with the swing that met him on the practice ground each day.

When Yani won her first British Open she revealed that she sang a song in her head to keep the nerves at bay and the golf as natural as possible. She appeared as easy-going and carefree as anyone.

The last couple of years have been a little different. Her on-course thoughts have been dominated by technical ones and, you suspect, there hasn’t been too much singing. To her credit the laugh is still there and as genuine as ever. In a world of out-of-touch professional athletes Yani remains as well liked as any player by the media.

Often interviews are rounded up by players and managers alike. Yani was happy to talk for as long as was needed in a language that she has only learned in the past few years.

As I write, the first round of the LPGA Classic in Thailand has just finished and Yani is tied for the lead. Lovely.

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