Keep the club moving in the bunker

When people talk about how to get out of sand you will hear how it is best to open up the clubface. This might be good for the low handicappers but by squaring up the clubface more you will give yourself more of a chance to escape the sand.

I will set up with the clubface pretty much square with the ball front of centre and my weight on the left side. This is a great starting position to get into.

Now the big thing is NOT to decelerate.

You’re not hitting the ball, you’re hitting the sand as much as two inches behind the ball and that takes a lot of effort to get the ball out. By having a squarer set-up this will help to get the club through the sand.

And, finally, keep the club moving. It’s a full swing, mirror the followthrough with the backswing.

Then it’s all about shoulder turn and the big muscles working. And, remember, don’t decelerate!


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