Too many of us concentrate too much on our technique when it comes to the shots around the green. Is our weight on the front foot? Are we keeping the shaft ahead of the ball? Whatever your standard of chipping all of us could improve from picking a landing spot and really focus on playing to that spot.

Holly Calvert


Let’s take this as an example. It’s not a flop shot nor do we want the ball to get involved with the rough so the landing spot is just in the fringe. Practise with a handful of clubs to get to know how your lofts work for you.

Holly Calvert


You will be amazed how quickly your short game improves by having a proper target and taking the hole out of the equation. It makes you commit to that target and you will find that your distance control picks up. Try this and get out of obsessing over technique.

Holly plays on the LET Access Series and is an adidas/TaylorMade ambassador. Follow her on Twitter: @cal1612


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