■ This is one of the most challenging shots around the green. The club bottoms out earlier than normal and it can be difficult to get any height so it’s easy to leave the ball in the sand or knife it through the green.

Kiran Matharu - Bunker
■ The first step is to get your hips, knees and shoulders aligned with the slope. You want your weight on the inside of your left foot and you want to keep it there through the shot.

Kiran Matharu - Bunker
■ At address I like to open my left foot out a little to give me some extra room to swing the club and get through the shot. And you want the
clubface to be open – at address, through the shot and post impact.

Kiran Matharu - Bunker
■ The most common fault is to lean back in an attempt to help the ball up. Most of us don’t accelerate anywhere near enough on any of our bunker shots. From this awkward lie, you MUST accelerate and stay low through impact.

You might have heard the saying ‘chase the ball out’ and that’s exactly the feeling that you should have. The ball will come out with plenty of run so pick your landing spot and commit to it.

Kiran plays on the LET Access Series and is based at Cookridge Hall in Leeds. Follow her in Twitter here: @kiranmatharu


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