How good are you on those must-make putts? If you look at the stats of the tour players and the club golfers then there is a big difference even though we are just talking about a four- foot putt.

Find a straight putt on your putting green and set a pair of tees up, one-and-a-half ball’s-width apart and about a foot ahead of the ball in line with the hole. Now try to hole the putt through the gate.

Are they dropping or hitting the pegs?

Carin Koch - Putting Tip


If you’re not squaring up the face then you will get some very quick feedback as you won’t be able to go through the gate, let alone hole the putt.

What we are looking for is to improve the consistency of the clubface at impact and keeping it square.

If you are hitting the right tee peg then the heel is coming in early and you are leaving the clubface open. Miss it left and the toe is coming in early and the face is shut. Keep going with this – if you think that you might be a degree out at impact then you will have no chance of holing even a 10-foot putt.

This is a great drill because the intermediate target stops you thinking about the hole too much and encourages a smooth stroke.


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