We hear a lot about ball position in other shots but not so much in putting. If you are inconsistent with your strikes on the greens have a look at where the ball is.

I keep everything – the putter shaft and ball – in line with my sternum. My feet are just outside shoulder width apart and I want to produce a nice triangle with my arms. I then just have to rock the shoulders.

Holly Clyburn Putt 2

On the strike I like to employ a slight forward press and that puts my hands just in front of my belt buckle. This helps the ball not to skid. A lot of people get behind the ball at address and it jumps and goes offline.

Finally, my preference is to putt left hand below right and that helps me to level off the shoulders and feel more comfortable over the ball. Remember: get the shoulders, and not the hands, working.

Holly plays on the LPGA and LET. Follow her on twitter: @HPClyburn


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