Impress your playing partners with a lofted shot that lands softly from a heavy lie. It requires a combination of confidence, clubface control, clubhead speed and creativity. The key is to ‘feel’ the shot using your hands to produce the speed sliding the club underneath the ball with maximum loft from an open clubface position at address.


Sarah Bennett 1

  • I like to feel as if I am much lower to the ball at address with ‘soft’ flexed knees while remaining in my athletic postural position. The wider stance provides me with a really stable base to work with preventing body movement on the backswing with the weight slightly favouring the target leg

Sarah Bennett 2

  • A level shaft with a forward ball position encourages the clubhead to slide underneath the ball on a level approach rather than leading with the grip end at impact causing the club to dig into the rough.

Sarah Bennett 2

  • I am holding further down the grip with the hands lowered almost to the same level as my knees. This assists with my wrist set to produce a steeper backswing. This lever allows me to increase the clubhead speed. My only feeling now is to slide the right hand underneath the ball with a full, flowing follow through. If the shot is executed ideally there will be minimal divot and you will be the greenkeeper’s best friend

Pro Tip: Feel as if the bottom of the sand wedge stays in contact with the ground for as long as possible. Visualise the club tracking the base of a U shape as opposed to a V.

Sarah is a PGA Fellow and Head Teaching Professional at Three Rivers Golf & Country Club. She is also the England U18 East Region Head Coach. 


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