A lot of people think you have to get the club to at least parallel to achieve a powerful swing but it’s nothing to do with that. Look how short I have swung it but I have achieved a 90˚ turn – and that’s where the power comes from. It is all about getting the shoulder turn to 90˚.

If you look at how Rory McIlroy’s swing has changed he has had to build up his strength to match his flexibility. And that’s why pros work so much on their stretching – to achieve that turn. A good check point is to make sure that your lead shoulder should reach your chin.

me reid tips 2

Work on everything being level. The right hip and right shoulder turns back at the same time – the hip turn should be 45˚ – and everything stays centred. By having any lateral movement in the swing you are losing power and timing. My whole swing is all about being centred and keeping my chest over the ball.

mel reid tips 3

To help you clear the left side and compress the ball better practise your half shots. So swing it halfway back and hold the follow through at no further than shoulder height. This should really smarten up your ball striking and keep your sternum over the ball.

England’s Mel has won four times on the LET and was unbeaten in four matches at the 2015 Solheim Cup in Germany. Follow her on Twitter here: @melreidgolf


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