Chipping is easy for good chippers. For bad chippers it is an endless problem and they always have too many swing thoughts. So let’s simplify it. Practise your chipping by mirroring the length of the backswing with the follow through.

Too many club players have too long a backswing and then decelerate. Get used to swinging hip high to hip high and finding some much-needed rhythm.

Carin Koch Chipping

Look at where my hands are at the end of the takeaway and at the end of the follow through. I am very passive with my hands and wrists and the big muscles, the shoulders and core are working, with the core pointing at the target after the shot. To add some loft open the face and stance a little but keep swinging it the same.

Carin was Europe’s Solheim Cup captain in 2015 having played in the competitions four times.

Follow her on twitter: @carin_koch


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