Even a lot of good players take too much sand when faced with a bunker shot of any description.

This is due to not keeping the face open throughout the shot. Use this as a checkpoint: your right-hand knuckles should face the ground and your left knuckles should face the sky through the takeaway.

This will ensure that you have the club in the right position to attack the ball, add some loft and take the right amount of sand.

Nicole Garcia - Bunker

Nicole Garcia - Bunker

Then keep the face open throughout the shot. If you go back good but then shut the face on the way down you will dig into the sand and you’ll keep hitting it fat. The open face will help the club glide through the sand rather than dig.

Finally, look how wide my stance is. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a solid base.

South Africa’s Nicole Garcia plays on the Ladies European Tour. Follow her on twitter: @nicole_garcia72

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