It is so easy to fat a chip from an uphill lie. How often you do you come up short with this shot? The normal chipping stroke, where your wrists hinge and you make a steep, downward strike, doesn’t work. What we want to be doing is sweeping the ball away off the slope rather than hitting into it.

Kiran Matharu says “Follow the slope”

Kiran Matharu - Chip Instruction■ First off you don’t need a lofted club as the slope will add loft to the shot. Most people have a tendency to lean into the shot so when you swing the club it digs into the grass.

Kiran Matharu - Chip Instruction■ Feel like your shoulders are perpendicular to the slope with the ball at least in the middle of your stance, if not forward of it.

Kiran Matharu - Chip Instruction■ The upslope lie can tip you back and lead to poor contact. To compensate, drop your left foot away from the target line and bend your left knee more. Opening your stance like this pre-sets your turn through the ball. You’ll need the help, because the upslope makes it tough to rotate towards the target.

Kiran Matharu - Chip Instruction■ From here we want to make that sweeping action. Our set-up position will help us not to hit down on the ball but it is still crucial to mirror the takeaway with the followthrough. Note how my hands are waist high on the way back and the same on the way through. Remember, you are looking to make a smooth, sweeping action, picking the ball off the turf.

Kiran plays on the LET Access Series and is based at Cookridge Hall in Leeds. Follow her in Twitter here: @kiranmatharu


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