A shank is where the hosel of the generally closing clubface strikes the ball resulting in a shot squirting low and 45˚ to the right. I want to focus on the out-to-in club path that can cause this destructive shot. If you slice the ball, then this is likely to be relevant to you.

A simple lipstick can be the answer to your problems – smear the toe of the club with some bright red lipstick which serves as a great visual and is easily identifiable.

Sarah Bennett - Shank

Set up with the ball opposite the hosel which will take courage – the goal is to visualise and strike the ball with the red lipstick.You will soon work out the left arm or grip end will have to move closer to the body during the downswing to achieve the ‘red strike’.

Sarah Bennett - Shank

After 10 successful red strikes gradually move the ball closer to the centre of the clubface. The result – no more shanks!

Sarah Bennett is a PGA Fellow and Head Teaching Professional at Three Rivers Golf & Country Club England U18 East Region Head coach. SarahBennettGolf.co.uk


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