We’ve all heard for decades to get our hands forward and to de-loft the club but this isn’t helping your chipping.

This just gets the leading edge into the ground first and promotes a fat or bladed shot.

You need to play with the loft on the club and the bounce and then maintain that loft through the shot.

How are you releasing the club?

Look at the set-up. Keep the shaft in line more with the arms and don’t lean them forward. Make sure you are maintaining the loft by checking where the shaft (not the face) is when you swing it back: is it still in line with your left arm?

Too many of us swing the club on the inside on the way back.

On the followthrough, the face should still be pointing upwards. If you have de-lofted the club then it will be pointing downwards.

A good feeling is to imagine the club being thrown out of the hands on the followthrough. When you do this your hands will finish around your belt buckle.

This is a really good exercise – it might look odd but it will quickly tell you how you are releasing the club.


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