What's in Hull's bag for 2019?


Charley Hull has a whole new bag of gear. Equipment editor Hannah Holden takes a look

Let’s take a look at the Charley Hull WITB 2019 rundown.

Since 2011 Hull has had Titleist clubs in her bag but for this season the 23-year-old has put a full set of TaylorMade gear into play.

Hull stated the main reason behind the change was down to the TaylorMade woods which she especially liked when testing.

Charley has opted to put all M6 woods in her bag pairing an M6 driver with a M6 3- and 5-wood.

Charley Hull WITB 2019

She has opted to use the TaylorMade P750 irons which we have seen Rory McIlroy win with this season.

In her wedge set-up Charley has decided to use the TaylorMade Hi-Toe wedges opting for 50-, 54- and 60-degree gapping.

Charley Hull WITB 2019

Hull has also put a TaylorMade Spider Tour Black putter in the bag which she recently revealed is actually her caddies putter.

“Well, it was my caddie’s putter and it was TaylorMade and I really liked it, so I’m just going to use it from now on. It helps me line up a little bit better.” Hull said.

Charley Hull WITB 2019:

Driver: TaylorMade M6 (10.5°, Attas Rockstar 6X shaft)

Fairway woods: TaylorMade M6 3-wood (15°, Tensei Blue 70S shaft) and TaylorMade M6 3-wood (18°, Irod 85 F4 shaft)

Irons: TaylorMade P750 (4-PW, Modus Tour 125S shafts)

Wedges: TaylorMade Hi-Toe (50°, 54° and 60°, Modus Tour 125S shafts)

Putter: TaylorMade Spider Tour Black

More information can be found on the TaylorMade website.

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