Are you having problems with your golf course strategy?

In the latest episode of his instruction series, teaching professional and YouTube star Dan Whittaker met with NCG’s Tom Irwin at Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeen to take him through why it’s important to think carefully when selecting what shot you want to play:

In any shot like this you need to adjust to the situation you find yourself in. Here you have 130 yards into a stiff breeze, uphill with the green working away from the pin.

What would you normally hit for a 130 yard shot?

Tom explained that he would normally be looking at a hard wedge or a 9-iron. Dan explained:

What I want you to do is to hit a soft 7-iron, to try and keep the flight down and take a bit of spin off the ball. Where we are down here there is a lot more wind in play above the dunes. So you will be able to control the flight better. It’s all about adjusting to the situation you find yourself in.

Dan continued:
I want you to pick a target line and look at trying to fade the ball into the pin. Pick a target line just left at the flag.

Dan then explained to Tom that if he increases the tension in the last three fingers of his left hand it will reduce the amount of wrist set that you would get.

The set of the club creates the load coming down and releasing that load will increase the ball speed and spin which is not what you want.

To conclude, adjusting to the situation you find yourself is key when you are deciding what shot to play.
If you find yourself in a position where you need to reduce the spin, as Tom did here, try increasing the tension in the last three fingers of your left hand.
Finally, make sure your arms and body are moving at the same speed during the swing.