This yoga technique strengthens legs, hips, buttocks and core. Opens the hips.


YogaStand with your feet wide apart and your feet pointed out. Bend your knees, engage the inner thighs so that they track over the feet.


Keep your tailbone long (don’t stick your bottom out), draw the pelvic floor and navel towards your spine, and lift your ribs away from your abdomen.

YogaBring your hands into a palm pressed position, and rest your thumbs on your sternum. Keep your torso long as you breathe deeply.


Hold for a couple of breaths before straightening the legs. As you move into the position again, try to slightly deepen the
knee bend. As you get stronger, attempt to lengthen the time that you remain in the pose for.

This yoga instruction has been brought to you by Inside Out who use Dru Yoga to help your well being. Inside Out are based at the Acanthus Golf Centre, Tingley, West Yorkshire. You can learn more and follow Inside Out on Facebook.


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