Complimenting the next generation of M metalwoods are the all new M1 and re-engineered M2 2017 irons.

In 2016, M2 was a breakthrough in distance-iron design and since then, engineers have embarked to create a series of products in M1 and M2 that aim at delivering distance, height, forgiveness and feel.

M2 2017 irons

TaylorMade have gave these irons the tagline ‘Ultimate distance meets ultimate forgiveness’. These newly designed irons have been several years in the making through developing technologies to help golfers achieve better distance, peak trajectory and forgiveness.


This combination of features in the M2 irons gives you a more consistently performing iron swing after swing.

The key to success with the M2 irons is the combination of low CG and maximum COR. Despite adding face slots which slightly raise the CG, TaylorMade say that they have been able to lower the CG and improve consistency by applying some changes..

The irons have a 33% thinner toppling, a 7% shallower blade height and a 20% deeper Speed Pocket.

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The fluted hosel introduced in last year’s M2 irons have been redesigned with a new thinner and wider six-sided fluted hosel that saves 5g of weight. This weight saving allows for 2g of discretionary weight lower in the club head.

TaylorMade say that the improvements in the fluted hosel also allowed them to incorporate Face Slots into the new irons as well as a new thin-wall Speed Pocket which increases flexibility and ball speed on below face-centre strikes.unspecified-2 m2

Like the M2 metalwoods, the M2 irns also feature the new ‘Geocoustic’ technology for better feel and sound. The fins on the badge have been placed behind the Face Slots and integrated into the back bar to help create a better sounding iron.

The new M2 irons will be available from January 27th and are priced at £699 steel and £799 graphite. Players will have a choice of the REAX HL 88 FST shafts or the M2 REAX graphite shafts in addition to numerous additional custom shaft options.

M1 2017 irons

To compliment the M2 irons TaylorMade have introduced an entirely new line to complete the M family.


TaylorMade have said that the intention of the new M1 irons was to bring as much of the speed, forgiveness and playability of the M2 but target them at a golfer who likes to see a more compact look with additional control.

So how has this been achieved?

The use of many of the same technologies as the M2 irons with the addition of a tungsten weighting system allows more freedom, creating the shapes needed without sacrificing low CG, COR or MOI.

Focussing on removing weight high in the club head, they have utilised 15gram high density tungsten which has been added in the toe-side sole to lower and centre the CG. This development was designed to create even more speed and distance by a way of increased MOI on off-centre hits.unspecified-4 m1

The combination of proprietary Face Slots and Speed Pocket technology helps produce longer, higher shots with improved consistency and dispersion on all shots.

As in the M2 irons, the new M1 irons also feature ‘Geocoustic’ technology, to help create a smooth sounding iron. This has been delivered through strategically placed reinforcements in the topline and a stiff fin badge connecting the back of the face to the back bar of the iron.

The new M1 irons will be available from March 1st 2017 and are priced at £849 steel and £1049 graphite (3 iron-SW). Players will have a choice of True Temper XP95 steel shafts or MRC Kuro Kage Silver graphite shafts. Custom shaft options are available also.