We should make a film like that for lady golfers, it’ll be brilliant,” said our publisher. Nodding encouragingly, little did I know it would become the biggest creative project we have ever undertaken.

Lady Golfer is making #ThisGirlGolfs – inspired by Sport England’s #ThisGirlCan campaign and in partnership with England Golf and the Scottish Golf Union.

Designed to raise awareness and de-construct stereotypes, our short film showcases women and girls’ golf in a positive, accurate and modern light.

We have shot women and girls having fun on the course, playing solo on the beach, discovering golf for the first time and competing professionally.

But my highlight came after a day’s shooting at a tube station, where Henni Zuel (pictured) had spent two hours valiantly leaping on and off trains, trying to look nonchalant and not get caught between the closing doors. This was about escaping hectic urban life to find refuge and peace at the range.
Our last location of the day was World of Golf. As we turned to leave, two girls in their early 20s sauntered past in a cloud of bleached hair, piercings and tattoos.

This wasn’t staged: this was a real scenario where two young women had chosen to spend their recreation time golfing.
They were new to the sport and far more concerned with having a good time than their level of skill. I sheepishly crept over to say hello and two minutes later we had our newest recruits to the #ThisGirlGolfs campaign.

This single example of golf being accessible to women in the wider public made me realise that things are finally moving in the right direction.

The video will be launched at the Ricoh Women’s British Open at Turnberry. I really hope you enjoy it.

Check out nationalclubgolfer.com from the 30th July to watch it!

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