The Golf Shack Academy is on tour as Digital Journalist Craig Middleton consults our pro, James Whitaker about his wedge play. The pair find themselves in Reunion Resort, Orlando, Florida; the ideal venue for a thorough fault fixing lesson.


Craig begins his session by explaining to the pro that he has no confident whatsoever in his wedge play.

He finds that he is adding way too much loft and is not getting the distance needed to be able to use the three wedges in his bag efficiently.

Craig also tells the pro that he feels because of the lack of distance he has no control over his shots.

The Fix

The pro noticed that Craig has very much a one piece takeaway with no real wrist hinge. This then adds loft to the club which is one of the reasons why Craig is getting a lot of height.

The pro showed Craig the position he wants to see the wrists during the takeaway and how this will help him keep the club face more closed as opposed to open.

After getting used to that change the pro then tales Craig through his follow through.

He noticed that Craig was not accelerating through and pushed the club out to the right. He showed Craig how he wanted him to really push the butt of the club behind his left hip towards his left pocket after making contact with the ball.

This allows Craig to really drive his body through the shot and not just flick his wrists at the shot.

Making sure that Craig keeps the wrist angles and follow through the same every time he uses his wedges is a key part of making this part of his game more effective.