1. Before you start your bouquet, lay out all the flowers in front of you so you know exactly what’s going in the arrangement.

florist - bouquet2. Start arranging your stems one by one, placing them in a spiral shape. Hold them in place with one hand and add them with the other.

florist - bouquet3. Once you’ve added all your flowers and foliage, carry on removing and rearranging your stems until you are completely happy with the shape.

florist - bouquet4. Tie off your bouquet at the narrowest point of the spiral with a bit of raffi a or twine.

florist - bouquet5. Cut all the stems diagonally so they are of equal length.

florist - bouquet6. Place in a vase filled with water. Add some flower food to make them last longer.

florist - bouquet7. Proudly display your bouquet in your home or clubhouse!

florist - bouquet5 tips for arranging like a pro

● Always place your foliage a bit lower than the flowers to ensure that that heads don’t get covered up.
● Wash your vases using just bleach and water. Don’t use soap or washing up liquid! The bleach will kill any bacteria left from the flowers.
● Make sure you remove all the leaves on the stems that fall below the waterline.
● Keep your flowers cool and out of direct sunlight.
● Change the water and bleach your vase every few days.

This instruction has been brought to you by Lily’s of Bramhope, who are an independent florist based in Leeds, West Yorkshire who provide flowers for all occasion, gifts, cards and balloons.

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