“This was my first strokeplay event and as I’ve only photographed golf a few times before it was great to have Getty photographer Warren Little there to give me some tips before sending me out onto the course to see what I could capture,” photographer and Getty Images intern Naomi Baker told LG.

“Fulford Golf Club has some really beautiful spots and I tried to make the most of this, including a stunning backdrop for a bunker shot.

“I was so impressed with the level of skill the girls had, some were as young as 9 years old. I’ll definitely be looking out for there names in years to come.

“It was a great event to photograph and I liked the challenge of finding good backgrounds and clean backgrounds for  the teeing off shots and it’s so rewarding when all of those elemnents come together.

“The final day showed me how the unexpected can happen and that you have to stay on top of the scoreboard all the time. I was following the leading group and Hannah Darling of Broomieknowe was showing some impressive shots a couple of holes ahead and went on the win the tournament with a very impressive finishing putt.

“There was a special moment when Warren was organising a group photo and I took the opportunity to photograph Hannah with the trophy on her own. She told me how strange it felt was to be the first name on the trophy and we both took a minute to acknowledge that she had made history.

“It was a great couple of days and I look forward to my next golf event!”

All images by Naomi Baker/R&A/R&A via Getty Images


The Getty Images Sport Photographer Internship has been developed in partnership with Women’s Sport Trust, Cerno Capital and Canon, with the aim of encouraging more women to pursue a career in sports photography.

As photographic partners of the R&A, Getty are aiming to get their interns working on a number of the R&A’s women’s and girls’ events.

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