I have enjoyed some time at home after finishing 12th in Germany at the ISPS Handa Ladies European Masters. It’s always nice to be at home but I would have rather been playing in the Evian Championship.

The course looks fantastic but with only tournament winners and the top five from the LET Order of Merit making it in the field, I will have to wait another year for that, well that’s the goal anyway.

I really enjoy playing in Europe and I am looking forward to a run of events now with the Andalucia Open and Lacoste French Open coming up soon but it was a shame that the Ladies European Masters moved away from the Buckinghamshire. However it was a very good event in Germany and playing well in it was fantastic.

It wasn’t without its dramas though…

During the third round my caddy Rio collapsed and wasn’t able to carry on caddying. She felt awful and was burning up on the course until she finally gave in on the 8th hole. I had to carry on, try to forget about leaving Rio behind and carry my own bag down the 8th, which gave me an added appreciation for how I pack my bag in the future.

11/09/2016 Ladies European Tour 2016: ISPS HANDA Ladies European Masters, Golf Club Hubbelrath, Dusseldorf 8-11 September. Georgia Hall of England during the final round. Credit: Tristan Jones

Fortunately I was playing with Sandra Gal and one of her friends jumped to the rescue and caddied for me from the 9th hole after I had somehow managed to par the 8th. I was informed that Rio had been taken to hospital on the 10th hole and then had to try and keep my concentration on the back nine. It was difficult not knowing how Rio was but I managed to shoot one under on Saturday and Rio was put on a drip and tested positive for a virus.

Thankfully Sandra’s friend was able to caddy for me on Sunday too and I finished the week in the top 15. Rio felt a bit better but has been checked out at home this week and is expecting her results anytime. You never think anything like that will happen but thankfully Rio is on the mend and I was able to keep my concentration so, all in all, disaster avoided.

I am quite happy with how my game is shaping up going into a run of events in Europe. My practice routine when I’m home is that I tend to play Parkstone very early three times a week when I’m home, otherwise when it’s busy I can be out there a long time. Then it’s lunch, walk my dog and hit the gym in the afternoon. I’m also thinking of joining a 5-a-side football team to help with my fitness during the winter months.

My parents are coming with me to Andalucia so I am really looking forward to having their support, my dad will caddy for me and my mum will be my biggest supporter!

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