Now finding myself on the other side of the ropes has been a steep learning curve. However, if this week is anything to go by, the future looks bright – I am experiencing my first press trip just above Innsbruck in a plateau village at the amazing Parkhotel Igls Retreat.

No offence to my colleagues but my previous experience of press trips was the occasional guy joining us in a tournament pro-am, stinking of booze from the night before and talking for 18 holes about his free gifts. So when I was offered the chance of a detox and de-stress trip at the renowned retreat, I couldn’t wait.

Being slightly worried about it falling over a weekend, I discussed in panic with my friends the possibility of smuggling in contraband…after noting the highs and lows, we decided losing inches and pounds wins over, especially eight weeks before Christmas.

Parkland Igls - DinnerI have therefore thrown myself in with not a whiff of wine, biscuit or piece of chocolate in sight, although my Boots Meal Deal on the aeroplane did include a millionaire shortbread (but surely that was too early to count).

I will be following the Mayr Diet plan for the next four days and kickstart my journey off with a visit to the doctor at 7.30 on my first morning.  Thankfully there were no needles but the regular height and weight check, oh and an abdominal examination… great!

As I am only here for four days instead of the recommended week I have an action-packed programme ahead of me. Body exfoliation, wraps, massages, detoxifying wraps, craniosacral treatment, personal med golf training and the all-important Mayr diet plan.

The Mayr diet is renowned throughout Europe and the world. This is very apparent as I look around the room during breakfast; my fellow diners are from America, Canada, Europe and the UK. As well as their famous diet plan they have an individual Mayr program for yoga and golf in house so they really cater for everything.

Parkland Igls - teaThe first day was tough and the night even tougher, you follow a strict detoxing programme including tablets and very little food, plenty of water and tea. The art to the Mayr programme is reducing your portion sizes and learning the art of chewing to start the digestion process in your mouth.

As I looked at my breakfast the first morning, I was so disappointed, however 25 minutes later after chewing every teaspoon of my one egg, I surprised myself in feeling quite full.

My second day was tougher again as I now added headaches and body aches to my disappointing food intake. My mind was taken off all that from time to time though by the amazing treatments I received while I was there. Full body massages, exfoliations and body wraps definitely kept me busy and took my mind off what little food was going in my mouth. All these took place on a heated water bed, which I am now saving up for!

By the end of the third day I felt like a new woman, however slightly disturbed at the amount of staff who had seen me naked.  I still had very little energy but my stomach was definitely flatter and my skin was silky smooth. I did have a miracle moment which included my dodgy closed left hip.

Parkland Igls - putting greenI have struggled with my left hip for the last 6-7 years and, having seen numerous physios/masseurs during my time on tour, I am currently under the local podiatry clinic and still I haven’t been able to get to the bottom of what is causing the problem.

Until now. After two massages and craniosacral treatment I got off the bed and walked totally differently to how I have walked for the last half a dozen years. Simply a miracle! My hip was for the first time in the correct position with my knee and foot completely in line.

The lady talked about a blockage in the flow of energy around my left hip and added it should be fine from now on. I am still in complete shock of just how different it is and just how she was able to know that about me without me saying a word.

What an amazing place, to be able to have a detox for your body and mind and improve your body alignment at the same time.

It has been the most amazing experience for me to learn how to detox, eat properly and to be walking better than I have for years, I just can’t wait to hit some golf balls as I think my set-up position I have been fighting for the last five years on tour will now surely be 100 per cent better for my newly aligned self.

Thanks to my four days at the Parkhotel Igls, my little black dress will fit better and I now have my eyes firmly set on beating my colleagues to the prize at the Christmas Golf Challenge!

Find out more about Parkhotel Igls on their website or like their facebook page

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