Having just seen the latest Bridget Jones Baby, my friends and I are slightly disturbed by just how similar to Bridget my life is.

With another birthday imminent, my recent move to a publishing company and the reality that I have been single longer than I have been in a relationship in my 30s, it is all quite depressing.  Obviously I have a very credible excuse in my career having not been in a routine or actually at home much in the last 15 years due to the golf, well that’s my excuse anyway!

I am now loving the 9-5 routine and enjoying all the joys that normal life brings, weekends, Bank Holidays and actually being on holiday but getting paid at the same time are all a bit of a novelty.  My work previously involved working weekends, not getting paid at all if you didn’t make the cut and holidays were tagging days onto golf trips, which I was definitely not paid for. It will be amazing next May when I get on a plane to Florida without any golf clubs, on my first ever girly holiday!

I don’t want you to feel sorry for me however because all the missing out and sacrificing has been filled with lots of other amazing experiences all over the world. The opportunity to play a sport I have adored, been obsessed with and has shaped my life for so many years, has been wonderful. I keep meaning to mark on a map where I have visited in the world, hopefully I will get around to that eventually. I have strolled on fabulous beaches in South Africa, America, Australia and New Zealand and have met and befriended so many amazing people along the way. It has definitely shaped who I am and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Georgina Simpson

Unfortunately towards the end the travelling became a chore, especially during the busy summer months.  Having flown for well over 20 years, I did a rough calculation the other day and believe I could have passed the thousand mark in flights, quite a scary thought for someone who gets more and more nervous the more I fly.

Four months into my career change I am quite frustrated with my golf. I went through an ‘over it’ stage at the beginning and thankfully after a fabulous work day out recently at Ganton, where I learnt a less serious side of the game, my fire for the game has reignited! I am now even hitting the odd practice ball in my lunch hour at Moor Allerton, weather permitting of course.

I just have to be careful I don’t let it take over my life again as I have far too many other things I want to experience outside of golf. Unfortunately they will have to wait for another week though as I will baton down the hatches and book a place on my couch for three uninterrupted days of the Ryder Cup!

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