Too many times do I hear golfers complain about poor starts and having to fight back. They put themselves up against the wall from the beginning.

What I try to say to golfers is ease your way into the round. For example, for low handicappers when has three pars to start with ever hurt you? We can all manage this start and actually achieve it without doing anything special. For the higher handicapper, try dealing in nett pars.

Instead of making those decisions that often put golfers under pressure just make the smart decision to find the wide part of the fairway.

Smarter choices golf course

Then, hitting into the greens, play to the side of the green that will leave you with the easiest chip should you miss your target. If the pin is left, play to the right. Once on the green roll the ball dead weight to the hole instead of leaving that three-footer on the 1st green which has never been enjoyable to hole for par.

So in conclusion, play to make great decisions early on rather than chasing a score early on.

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