British Open week is always one of the best of the year. Everything is bigger and better. The money, the trophy and playing in front of more people gives you a real buzz.

Being British myself it’s always the best one to potentially win as a player. My preparation at Kingsbarns this week has been good – I came up on Sunday and did some range work.

I got out on Monday early and played the full 18 holes to see how the course was in calm conditions. The more you do earlier in the week can always pay off when it comes to crunch time so it’s vitally important.

With Tuesday being the pro-am we just went over the fundamentals and did a lot of putting drills and range work. We identified the last 10 holes as probably the most crucial so I went out on Wednesday and played those.

Then, it’s Thursday.

If I have an afternoon tee time I’d usually wake up early and have a big breakfast. Sometimes it can feel like you’re eating a lot because when I get to the course I’d have lunch too, something with lots of carbs and protein.

I might sneak a banana on the first tee as well – you can never have enough snacks on course!

Holly Clyburn

Before heading to the course I’d usually slot in a quick gym session, nothing strenuous, just a quick 40 minutes to wake the body up but I haven’t been able to do that recently with my ankle issue.

The injury isn’t an excuse for my golf of course!

I’d then head to the course about two and a half hours before my tee time and stop in to check everything was alright with the Tour physios.

That usually leaves me about an hour and fifteen to warm up or around about that.

When I finally get on the range I hit about ten balls with my practice club then honestly I just work my way through the bag – I don’t really have timings.

I could hit two drives and depending on the day and how I feel that could be all I need before heading out.

I might have a quick chat with my caddie and coach about the round but I’m not a big planner. I don’t like to get too technical I just try to go out and play golf and hopefully I’d go low but I don’t like overthinking.

Before heading to the tee I always have to make sure I have two ball markers in my pocket, one big and one small, it is just something I have always done!

Then, it’s time to go…

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