How do you cope with jetlag?

Lots of coffee! I’ve been alright with jetlag actually. I just try to get straight into the routine and adapt to the time zone.

How do you pass long journeys?

I’m a good sleeper on planes so I try to get some sleep and eat as much as possible.

Best country you’ve been to?

I’ve been to Hawaii and the Bahamas this year and they were both great trips. I love how beautiful and how different it is.

We don’t get a lot of time to see these places though, it’s literally just hotel, course, hotel, course.


What’s your favourite course?

Out in Carlsbad, California we played the Kia there this year and that’s a very good course and I had my best finish there in the top 20.

Best lesser known country for golf?

On LET I played a course in Morocco and that was great.

Which courses lives up to the hype?

Woburn probably. A lot of people don’t expect it to be what it is but obviously I know it quite well and it does live up to expectations and it’s always in good condition.


What do you miss most when you’re on the road?

My own bed and a cup of tea! Normal food, my mums washing, you know the basics.

Do you ring home a lot when you’re travelling?

Probably once a day if the time zone’s alright, but if it’s 11 hours different like Hawaii was then you’ve just got no chance of talking to anybody.

Who are your best friends on tour?

On LPGA I probably spend a lot of time with Sarah Kemp and a few of the Brits. On LET its Amy Boulden, Kelsey MacDonald, and people like that. Georgina Simpson when she was on tour!

Holly is currently playing on the LPGA and LET. Follow her on Twitter: @HPClyburn

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