It seems like Stoke Park golfer Daisy Kennedy is just winning everything at the moment.

At just 15 years old, I’m undeniably bitter that someone 13 years younger is so much better at golf than I am.

But on a positive note it does go to show that despite what people might think, our golf clubs aren’t just full of old men with a love for tweed and jazzy trousers. It proves that we do have some great young female talent who are just getting started in their golfing careers.

After a busy summer of golf, Daisy’s achievements include winning both the English Golf Association Under-16 Girls’ Championship and the Midlands South Girls Championship, as well as playing for the England girls’ team.

She told me why being the only one at her school to play golf doesn’t put her off in the slightest…

“I’ve been playing golf since I was about seven years old. My dad used to watch it on TV and one day I asked if I could try it and he took me out to have ago. So it just started there and he only started playing golf because I wanted to have a go.
None of my other friends from school play golf. I think they think that it’s a sport for old men and they don’t like the clothes that everyone wears.

But Stoke Park is really friendly and the ladies there are so nice. The practice facilities and course are great as well.

We have six girls in the juniors now, they’re all lovely and I’ve made a lot of friends through golf.

I probably practice maybe four or five times at week and play at the weekend. I think the best thing about golf is that obviously you get to play lots of different courses, but also travel everywhere and meet lots of different people.

I’ve played lots of courses in the UK and once in Portugal while I was on holiday and that was really nice.

I helped out at one Girls Golf Rocks session. I think things like that are a good idea because it gets younger kids trying out golf. Then afterwards they will go away and tell their friends about it.

I like watching some of the golf on TV but I’d rather be playing myself to be honest. But I think Mel Reid and Lydia Ko are cool.

I was feeling confident during the girls championship and it was the first big thing I’ve won. I also really enjoyed playing in the England team.

When I finish school I’d like to go to university in America and play golf and then go from there and see what I can do. I know I want to get a job that’s something to do with golf.”





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