In this winter instruction series elite coach and YouTube star Dan Whittaker is joined at his High Legh headquarters by Alex Perry, a 14-handicapper, and Dan Murphy, who plays off 3, to run through a variety of drills that can be slightly adjusted depending on your ability. In this episode, Whittaker shows the NCG boys how they can take their range came to the course.

In the video at the top of the page, Dan takes Alex through the mid-handicap version of the drill, while you can watch the low-handicap version here:

For a low-handicap golfer this exercise is to help bridge the gap between the range and the course. If you can be honest with yourself and practice exactly like you were playing the course, that will help you then take your practice out onto the course more easily.

For a mid-handicap golfer it is really about learning your game and how you approach each shot.

You learn how many practice swings you take but more importantly you begin to understand more about how you approach the game.

When you have that understanding it’s then easier to go ahead and execute the shot.