I believe this game is just as much about how we control ourselves as it is about how we control the ball.

Start to develop not just your golfing skills but also your awareness of  yourself. Be aware of when you get nervous, impatient or frustrated.

If you identify these moments you can take appropriate action to go to a helpful emotion, thus taking control.

With all my clients I continue to talk about being aware, or as some say ‘being present’. In order to take action we need to be aware of ourselves. So many are not and even live their lives unaware of  their thoughts and emotions.

Without awareness, no action can be taken and I honestly believe that is why so many go round in circles with their games and indeed life’s situations.

They go for lessons but never work on this vital component – awareness.

Be the best ‘you’ out on the course, both as a golfer and person! They say golf  can reveal a lot about a person’s character, so show off your great character traits.

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