Stepping up to the 18th hole at Augusta to take that final putt from 3 yards away. Sink this putt and become the US Masters champion, miss the putt and go to a play off with your opponent. The fans are cheering and screaming your name as you head to the green. You talk to your caddie and he tries to calm your nerves. You try to clear your mind, you take deep breathes as you begin to feel fatigued after a long 4 days on the course. Do you have the nerve to sink the final putt? You have sunk balls like this thousands of times in training but standing next the ball, the hole looks smaller and further than usual, but that is not true, it is just your mind playing games.

Mentality is a crucial part in any sport. Whether it is putting that final ball to win the US Masters or scoring the decisive penalty to win your nation the FIFA World Cup, it is all about being mentally strong. Many world cup finals have been decided on the penalty shootout and some players have the nerve to step up and take the kick from the twelve-yard mark, and other shy away. This is a part of the game that is hard to train for – some say you either have it or you don’t. If you are looking to make world cup free bets this year – before you make your decision see what the experts say. The most famous penalty shoot out in FIFA World cup history has to be the moment Roberto Di Baggio – the famous Italian forward with the pony tailed mullet stepped up and missed the target to gift the opposition the World Cup Trophy. He has said in many interviews that he has never overcome that moment and I am sure he never will.

There are many sporting sides that have not got -BMT (Big Match Temperament) and they often lose in the big encounters. One nation that has been labelled as “chokers” when it come to the big tournaments are the England Football Team. They always come into the tournaments as favourites and with a lot of hype from the fans and media, but they last won a major trophy in 1966 in the World Cup. They always seem to do something unprecedented in the matches that they wouldn’t have normally done if the game was not as important. eg David Beckham getting a red in the game between Argentina and England. Beckham was usually a calm and relaxed player and very seldom got red cards but in this important game when the stakes were high he lost his head and got sent off.

It is very important for players to remain calm under pressure and have ice running through their veins as they enter the field for the big games – however this is easier said then done. World Cup tips has all the hottest tips when it come to the FIFA World Cup come June 2018.


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