We’ve got about 100 lady members at Woodsome Hall and we have competitions every Tuesday. But sadly we’re an ageing section and we need some younger members.

I had my captain’s day over a Tuesday and Thursday. On the Tuesday we had a competition and then on the Thursday evening we had a dinner and presentation of the prizes.

Throughout the year I’ve organised an afternoon tea to raise money for the ladies’ section, a bottle raffle for Kirkwood Hospice, an exchange day with Prestbury ladies, and a competition themed around the Curtis Cup. Rochelle Morris is a member here and she played for GB&I.

Woodsome Hall - Lady CaptainI get very nervous making speeches. I had to speak at our mixed dinner and my talk was actually all about being nervous when I’m talking in public. But it has got easier as the year has gone on.

To attract some younger ladies we’re going to try and target the wives of some of the male members. We find that couples who both play golf are more likely to come to our social functions.

We’re just one big happy family at Woodsome. If I’m on my own for the day I know I can go up to the club and find someone to chat to. Everyone understands if you’re having a bad round, and if you do well everyone is happy for you.

Since the Equality Act our ladies now have to be seven- day members if they want to play on a Saturday. But it’s very difficult to actually get on the course because the men have their competitions on a Saturday as well.

But on the plus side we can now go in every room in the clubhouse; it used to be that we couldn’t go into the bar until after 6pm.

I’ve had a busy year as there is such a lot to organise when you’re captain. That said, I have really enjoyed it, but I don’t think I would do it again. I’ve given it my all for a year and it’s someone else’s turn now.

Woodsome Hall - Lady CaptainJANET’S HIGHLIGHT

My lady captain’s week was brilliant; the sun shone, everyone was in a great mood and there were lots of prizes to be won.


I’d say to anyone to give it a go. People get put off because you have to make speeches but it’s not as hard as you think it’s going to be and everybody is behind you. Everyone has been so lovely and nice to me.

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