This is really attractive thanks to the white head and red markings. It feels very light, but it is beautifully balanced. Even with preliminary practice swings, you can’t wait to hit the ball because it feels so good! It feels completely effortless to swing – which can encourage you to swing progressively faster.

However, you can do so without fear of losing your accuracy, because the forgiveness is very good – due to a slot on the base which effectively increases the sweet spot and gives you more forgiveness on off-centre shots, but while keeping the ‘smash factor’ high (some Trackman terminology for you there!)

It’s very simple to adjust – just a few twists with the wrench can alter the loft from 9.5 to 11.5°. You can also lift the toe if you fade it a little too much, or move it to a fade setting if even more drastic measures are needed. Very impressive performance.
SRP: £299