“Last year went really well. I had a pretty good collegiate season over here and then a pretty decent summer. This is my last year at college so I have one more semester and then I’ll hopefully turn pro sometime this summer.

“I’m lucky to have so many opportunities to play in tournaments. We get around 13-14 a year and that has really helped me to have a consistent schedule. At home it’s all crammed into three months and it can get a little hectic.

“College is something that more and more girls are doing and in my opinion it’s definitely the best way to go. You gain so much more experience and get the education at the same time.

“It’s tough whenever the Curtis Cup selection is based on selection by a committee because when you’re out in America they don’t understand the tournaments. It’s hard for them to oversee the entire world! Making it a rankings-based system is a lot fairer.

“The 2012 Curtis Cup was one of the best experiences of my golfing career. We had a great group of girls who all got on well and it’s a special bond that we all have now. I hope we can do it again this year.

“I would like to stay out in the States because the LPGA is bigger than Europe and there’s more money.  If that doesn’t work out then who knows, but right now the plan is to get on to the LPGA as soon as possible.”

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