I did a lot of different sports growing up. I have a very sporting family; I have two brothers. I was just really sporty and then I did a lot of team sports, but then eventually when I started to play golf, I felt like it was on my own terms and I could practise whenever I wanted. It was basically up to me how good I wanted to be.

My life changed a little bit after the Major in 2009. I had a little bit more to do, a little bit more attention, which has been really fun. It’s a great learning experience for me.

Knowing that you’re getting into tournaments took off some pressure because you’re going to be able to make your schedule for the year.

On the Saturday night it was hard not to think about golf, that’s for sure and I had a hard time to fall asleep.

I was really nervous as a Solheim rookie in 2009. I didn’t really know what to expect inside the ropes Once I got to the course, I felt pretty calm, even though there were nerves in there, I felt pretty calm.
I started out the year with a conditional card, and then it was really tough to get into tournaments. In the beginning I tried to Monday-qualify for a few but I didn’t get in.

I mean, it was really tough to be on site and not getting to play, you really are wanting to play, and you know you are playing solid, but you didn’t get in. I think that was a really good experience and makes me keep working hard.

I was really nervous as a Solheim rookie in 2009. I didn’t really know what to expect inside the ropes. The key I think is to just try to keep your own pace and keep your own tempo even though you have a lot of adrenaline. I think that’s what I learned. You have to really pace yourself to save energy for when you really need it. But just being in a team environment, I think that helps everyone really get motivated and really get inspired.

Ever since I came out on Tour in 2009, Annika (Sorenstam) has been mentoring me. I practise a lot at her academy in Orlando, where I live. She’s just been a great support, helping me go through a lot of things and with advice here and there.

I always said I wanted to be like Juli Inkster one day. She is a mom, she is 51, and she is out here and still competing. It’s a great opportunity anytime you get to play with her.

I watched her a lot growing up and just to walk alongside her on the fairways and try to learn and catch a little bit of her brain is just such a good opportunity for me to get better.

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